Spiritual Life

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Within each residence hall, Trinity students discover opportunities for fun, friendships, and spiritual growth. Some students also enjoy mentoring relationships with older students studying at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Trinity Graduate School.


As a larger community, Trinity students gather three times a week for chapel services, which include student-led worship, guest speakers, times for reflection, discussion groups, and “Perspectives Chapels” that feature panel discussions of current events.

Chapel services provide a great opportunity for students who want to be part of leading worship and growing spiritually under the guidance of the Chaplain. For all students, attending Chapels is an encouraging break from classes throughout the week - a chance to be grounded in God's word, lifted up by the support of other students, faculty and staff and challenged by speakers, reflection and conversation.

Students, faculty, and staff at TIU gather together for corporate worship every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (11:00 AM –11:50 AM) in the A. T. Olson Chapel. A team of gifted student leaders plans and leads diverse expressions of worship designed above all to give glory to God.

Full-time students are required to attend at least 32 chapels per semester. 

The preaching of the Word is a prominent part of chapel. Trinity is blessed to have a wide variety of speakers from among Trinity faculty, as well as highly respected leaders from around the world. Some of the most prominent speakers in recent months include:

Download chapel messages on iTunesU      Watch chapel messages on YouTube

Life Together Groups

Life Together Groups help students engage with God and with one another, intentionally building community, and fostering spiritual growth. With this in mind, groups will be held on each residence hall floor on campus, with additional opportunities for commuter students. Participants will spend time meditating on God’s word, sharing their personal story, and praying together. The Life Together Groups will be held on Mondays during the chapel hour.

Ministry Opportunities

Global Community Partnerships & Mission Trips

Each year, dozens of students participate in one of Trinity’s missions teams. Trinity serves alongside eight community partners ranging from the inner city of Chicago to rural India. The commitment to these long-term partnerships results in a powerful fusion of education, service, and collaboration. Teams to India and New Orleans serve over winter break while the remaining six teams (Chicago, New York, El Salvador, France, Uganda, and Zambia) serve over spring break.

These trips provide the opportunity to work and to minister with a team of students in both national and international mission projects -- often with life-changing results. Preparation includes instruction from missions experts, biblical and cross-cultural training, team-building, travel resources, prayer, and financial support raising tools.

Local Community Partnerships

To develop student leadership and servanthood, Student Ministries supports several student-led outreach teams that challenge students to make an impact on campus, in the community and in the world.

Community Impact Cabinet (CIC), a TIU student-run group of ministries, gives oversight to these ministry teams and seeks to spread the good news of Jesus Christ through compassionate outreach to various communities in the Chicagoland area.

Service Learning

Service Learning is a graduation requirement for all college students. Each full-time undergraduate student is required to fulfill three Trinity Service Learning units while at Trinity College. Transfer students are required to complete only two if they transfer 58 or more approved credit hours.

 A student will receive one completion for each Service Learning project when the following guidelines are met:

A Service Learning project requires a minimum of twelve hours of supervised service in a manner that demonstrates weekly faithfulness over the period of a semester. (Short-term activities, such as leading a weekend retreat for a high school youth group or leading a five-day VBS, do not qualify, even though they may result in more than twelve hours of service, because they do not meet the weekly faithfulness requirement.) The only exceptions to this are intensive one or two week ministry trips. A mission trip of seven to thirteen days qualifies for one Service Learning Completion, and a mission trip of fourteen days or longer may qualify for two Completions. (This would include working at an overnight summer camp if it demonstrates a level of commitment and service similar to a fourteen-day mission trip.)

At least one Service Learning project must be done off campus, all three may be done off campus. On-campus projects may not be repeated for two semesters or two completions. Each on-campus completion must represent a different Service Learning project. There are a variety of opportunities posted online if you need assistance in finding an appropriate activity or specific project.